Designs by Inkandescence

Morning Gold Mug Morning Gold Mug by Inkandescence One of the strongest reasons that "incandescence" merged with "inkan" to become my trademark is the power of luminous moments like sunrise, like encountering an ancient river in the middle of a busy city, like walking in the hills among fall foliage. My first art designs, and still my signature pieces, are scenes from my 2002 visit to Prague that capture all three.

Inkandescence in Prague

Over the past several years, I've gradually rolled out the Inkandescence shop, a selection of designs for postcards, mugs, and more at I have many more in the queue behind them.

I've organized my designs into several collections:

Aquinas & More

Visit Aquinas & More for the rest!

When I first became Catholic, I discovered I had neglected an entire world of understanding and devotion. Aquinas & More Catholic Goods was the place where I sifted through and learned about missals and medals, breviaries and prayer cards, and purchased a few of them.

I take my earnings in store credit; if you choose to order your next good read or gift through me, you'll be keeping the money "in the family," so to speak, and helping me knock a few items off my wish list.

Mobile service with ting

My brother discovered and adopted ting mobile phone and data service some years ago, and I waited until I was ready to switch around all my services to sign up for them. I'd have saved myself a lot of disposable phone cards if I'd switched sooner.

The fee structure is transparent and equitable, and the coverage is good (obviously, you may want to do some research, but we've had no problems). I keep the bills low, so if you are in the market and sign up using my referral link, you'll probably just have paid my phone bill for the month.

Ignatius Press

Ignatius Press logo

One of the most well-respected and sound Catholic publishers I have encountered, has been a helpful guide to resources for Catholic living for as long as I've known to look for them. Jesus of Nazareth: Holy Week

In a market too often dominated by "make up your own version" Catholic resources, too often split between radical traditionalists and cafeteria Catholics, Ignatius Press has to a remarkable extent steered a course close to the Magisterium without failing to discover fresh methods and new voices.

God Is Love: Deus Caritas Est Like many who converted during the reign of Benedict XVI, and who had good reason to admire the work of his predecessor Pope St. John Paul II, I have found Ignatius Charity In Truth Press admirable especially for its attractive presentations of the Magisterial as well as the less formal teaching works of these great men.