In Priority Order

People using German terms that don’t accurately apply to refer to some seriously defective, wrongheaded, ill-judged, and stupid provisions for dealing with some actual security problems–friends–consider that the straightforward life-and-death matters are even more indisputably and obviously linked, there.

You can’t urge us to bypass the obvious in our rush to deal with the debatable. You can’t expect a culture that can’t agree whether babies and old people should be killed when they are inconvenient to treat Syrians, Ukrainians, Kurds, Tamils, or Chechens as anything other than the political footballs they have been taught *all* lives are.

Nobody can teach anything by skipping the fundamental. I cannot teach research writing to people who refuse to acknowledge basic subject-predicate relations. I cannot help anyone understand the Catechism who will not believe that Jesus is God. You cannot keep faith in marriage if you think sexual desire is just an itch you have to scratch.

You cannot help people avoid radical swings from paranoia to naivete except by helping them come into contact with real things. And you cannot do that by joining them in a “rhetoric trumps logic” culture, in a “only deal with priority one when we can also cut deals to deal with priorities four, six, and two hundred thirty-nine” politics, in a “it’s only an adequate argument if it convinces skeptics” sophistication.

Arch skeptics (not just people who aren’t yet convinced), those who reason in bad faith and actually make an effort to avoid coming into contact with basic realities they have pitted themselves against, are not convinced by arguments. Adopting their preferred structures of reasoning in order to gain their approval does not convince them; it confuses and discourages those who are trying to learn from us, lean on us, and share with us.

Speak the truth, or don’t.

But stop trading your birthright for pottage.


And I still think this is a terrible idea from the latest execrable person the people of this country chose to elect.

But the analogy is poorly calibrated any time it does not take into account the much more obvious, much stronger, much more thoroughly institutionalized Progressive/fascist and even obviously Hitlerian evil this nation continues to embrace, calling them “left” or “right” but fixing them in place and moving on, see-saw fashion.

Let’s just be against all the evils, and let’s tackle them in priority order, and do whatever good we can at every stage, yes?

No bargains except temporary tactical ones. No alliances except on the top priority, until that one is resolved.

Just do right.