From them your servant learns;
   keeping them brings rich rewards.
But who knows his own errors?
Save me from those I do not see.
Save me, your servant, from pride:
   let it have no hold over me.
Then I will be spotless
   washed clean of the gravest sin.
May the words of my mouth be pleasing
   and the thoughts of my heart, in your sight.
O Lord, you are my helper,
O Lord, you are my redeemer.

via Universalis: Terce.

One thought on “Terce”

  1. pgepps

    Let us pray.
    Give us the grace, Lord, to be ever on the watch for Christ your Son.
    When he comes and knocks at our door,
    let him find us alert in prayer,
    joyfully proclaiming his glory.
    Through Christ our Lord.

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